Exciting Times

by Pearl
(New York)

I can feel your passion for gardening and educating others in all things gardening. I love reading your website and the new mini farm challenge you have taken own. It takes a lot of courage and hard work to do what you are doing.

You are not saying it, but reading between the lines, I am guessing that funding is your main hold up. I have read that you do not like debt and will wait until cash is available before doing a project.

I met you several years ago at the Earth Day show in Dallas. I was impressed with your seed selection. I heard you tell someone your story about how you almost had to declare bankruptcy and the trying times that you put yourself in. That you spent four years working in Iraq and one year working in Afghanistan to get your debts paid off.

If funding is what is steering your ship, I wonder if you have considered doing a gofundme fund raiser?

I have heard of people raising the funds they need to get their projects going through gofundme or crowd sourcing.

Are you looking for any investors?

Keep up the good work.

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Mar 01, 2020
by: David


Thank you for your comment.

I have not considered fund raising because I cannot answer the question I ask myself: "How do I protect the integrity of funds raised so that people know I am using their money wisely and not taking vacations with it?"

I watch "The Profit" and "Billion Dollar Buyer" and it seems to me that people who raise money through fund raising are just wasting people's money. In one case, they raised two million dollars and had nothing to show for it.

And I have never been one to ask people for money.

We are not looking for investors. I want to be able to pay them back their investments with earnings and gardening, according to Bob Webster, at best, is like gambling only the odds are worse.

Any way you have given us something to think about. I will talk with our accountant to see if there is someway we can offer a financial statement for investments.

We appreciate people buying our seeds. This is the best fund raiser we can think of right now.

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