Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs

We now sell our own farm fresh chicken eggs in the David's Garden Seeds® Farm Store! They have dark yolks because we feed our hens good quality feed, meal worms, greens, and other vegetable scraps. The more green veggies and insects they eat, the darker the yolk and the tastier the eggs.

We eat them every morning for breakfast and sometimes for dinner. Juanita has learned how to make a delicious German pancake with them as well as quiches. We have given dozens of eggs away to friends, family, and our team members and we still have plenty so if you want farm fresh eggs at a decent price, $4 a dozen, you can pick up your eggs here.

When you visit David's Garden Seeds® Farm, you can go home with some colorful chicken eggs. These eggs come from hens raised by Juanita, aka Mrs. David's Garden Seeds®. They are sold by the dozen for $4 or by the half dozen for $2. The colors are various shades of brown, blue, green, and pinkish white and off white.

Buy Our Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs

We have 22 hens who are one year old and they produce a lot of eggs each day. We have 11 more baby hens who are eight weeks old. They won't start laying eggs until they are about six months old. Each day, Juanita, and sometimes our son, Matt, will feed and water the hens twice a day, early in the morning, and again in the late afternoon.

The breed of chicken determines the color of the eggshells. The blue and green eggshells come from our Ameracauna chickens. I think some of our hens that were labeled Americauna are actually Easter Eggers because sometimes, they lay green and pink eggs as well as almost white ones with some speckling. The light brown eggs are put out by our Rhode Island Reds. Our Barred Rock Chickens lay the darker brown eggs.

Each package of our farm fresh chicken eggs looks beautiful. We do wash them before we sell them as we are required to in Atascosa County so you must refrigerate the chicken eggs. The eggs are good for up to two months from the day they are collected as long as they are refrigerated.

One Dozen Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs Laid On David's Garden Seeds® Farm

$4.00 For Sale In Store Only

One-Half Dozen Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs Laid On David's Garden Seeds® Farm

$2.00 For Sale In Store Only

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