Five Star Greenhouse Lettuce

by Inga G

This was my first time trying to grow salad lettuce. I had close to a 100% germination rate. I put a few seeds in each hydrated coco coir pellet (also purchased from Amazon). I spritzed them with water twice a day to make sure they stayed a little damp. I transferred the seedlings (still in their coco pellets) to my Kratky hydroponic set up. From there, the only work I literally had to do was remind myself to NOT do anything. This was the EASIEST gardening experiment I have tried. To spare some the agonizing details, I encourage those interested to Google Kratky hydroponics. I used a 10-gallon tote placed under the JumpStart 4 FT, 4 Tube, light system. I used General Hydroponics brand MaxiGro plant food (10-5-14). I am blown away by this set-up. Next time, I am just going to transplant them sooner to the Kratky system because I could have spared myself 2 weeks of spritzing. I transferred my seedlings to the Kratky system on November 13. Here is a picture of them about 1 week after transplanting. Everything was ready to harvest by December 6. Attached is a picture at harvest time. Including seed starting, it was a total of about 5 weeks growing. The leaves were soft and almost buttery in flavor! So, there was no crunchy lettuce in this seed set.

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Jul 04, 2019

by: Juanita

Hi Inga! Thank you for purchasing the Five Star Greenhouse Lettuce Mix Seeds from David's Garden Seeds®. We are so glad they did well for you. No, no crunch in this mix but you can grow some separately and add it to your salad for a fun zing. This is actually our most popular lettuce mix. The flavor is buttery and good. Great with ranch dressing! Thank you for sharing!

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