Fresh Okra Is So Tasty

by Kahmuai

I wasted a bunch of seeds (less than 20) because I did not follow the instructions in the package. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!! I also lost a bunch of seedlings due to heat on my balcony (over 95 degrees). I live in a condo on the eighth floor and my Okra plants (2) are growing in an enclosed balcony. Each of my plants is in a 5 gallon self-watering bucket. The temperatures on my balcony can swing anywhere from the low 70s to over 95 degrees (Honolulu, Hawaii). Over the past three weeks I have picked about 7 fruits from a single tree (the other one just started flowering). I put two of them in with a bunch of frozen Okra and of course the fresh Okra was much better. I threw 3 of them in my beef stew, and just last night I put 2 Okra in my Oxtail Soup. The taste is amazing and I amazed myself by growing these on my balcony.

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