Great Fresh Eating Green Zebra Slicing Tomato, Picture Shows Them Ripe For Picking. Unique Flavor, Like A Tomato, Yet Better

by MaryAnn Coy-Schuerger

Our season has been strange & I never got to plant these. I have grown them before! They taste great, & the picture on the seed packet shows the perfect state of ripeness. They taste like a tomato but they have a nice flavor you have to taste to appreciate. You can make a uniquely different salsa with red onions, or white, black beans, corn, garlic,cilantro, parsley, or fresh oregano, & a hot pepper of choice. Like a pico de gallo. They pair wonderfully with mango, pineapple, white onions, some red, green, yellow or orange bell pepper, mint for a lovely fruity salsa with or without heat, go nicely in salads, sandwiches, make a nice trio with cucumbers & white onions, make a yogurt, lemon, & dill dressing for a unique type of
Tzat Tziki to go with lamb or burger. You can use mint instead of dill for lamb or fish ( salmon on the grill, tuna steaks, fresh trout). The birds don't peck them as much. Bugs either. They are great in Caprese Salad with Mozzarella & Basil. I don't serve them together with reds because their flavors don't harmonize.They are not low acid, but they have a very special taste. I have never canned them. Make a sauce & it acts like Guacamole, turns a sickly brown avocado color, & the flavor disappears. Strictly out of hand eating & raw sauces. I have not tried grilling them, not sure the taste will hold. Definitely a variety to have a couple of plants of. Just to eat fresh, fairly good bearers, Indeterminate & midseason.
David's Garden Seeds is a good company & Green Zebra Tomatoes are a long established variety, Not some weirdo like a rose with seven different colored petals. They are real not a swindle. I recommend them highly for fresh eating

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Jan 03, 2020
Green Zebra Slicing Tomatoes
by: Juanita

Hi MaryAnn,
The Green Zebra Slicing Tomatoes are delicious and they are wonderful in salads and for just slicing and eating with a bit of salt. Yum! Thank you for the kind words and for choosing your seeds from David's Garden Seeds®!

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