Great Quality Toscano Kale Seeds

by Lisa Dee

I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of Kale (Toscano) seeds that I ordered from David's Garden Seeds. I expected a high germination rate, but none the likes of this. I sowed my seeds Sunday, May 17th and as of Tuesday, May 19th, there was sprouting! And almost the entire tray! 73 plugs (with a total of 146 seeds sowed) and maybe only 4 plugs have not seen any germination as of yet but am still hopeful. And even if they do not end up sprouting then I am still happy with the majority of those that have done so at this point.

At first I was a tad bit skeptical with the amount of seeds that arrived as I thought there was no way that could have been 500 seeds, but I was proven wrong. Having used almost a 1/3 of the seeds and still have quite a bit left back. There is indeed a couple hundred seeds in the small packet so do not be worried with its size at first.

I can say that I've not had any issues with this seller and its product thus far and will be purchasing from them in the very near future as my shipping time was prompt (delivery was made even earlier than anticipated) and the quality of their product is so far top notch. These seeds are also viable in tropical climates which is a huge plus. Very easy variety of Kale to handle even for the most novice gardener, highly recommend!

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Dec 09, 2019
Toscano Kale
by: Juanita

Hi Lisa.
Our Toscano Kale is our most popular kale. Everyone loves it. It is easy to grow and you will be making smoothies every day. Thank you for choosing David's Garden Seeds®.

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