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Today is June 5, 2021.  We have been listening to our friends and we are changing over to Shopify.  Our website will be a lot easier to understand, navigate and purchase from. As we sat listening and looking at the update last Friday, we wondered why we had not done this sooner.  I believe it will be up and running in about two more weeks.

We are going to dedicate this website to our doomsday information.

This is our page on our herb essential oil extractor.  We purchased this equipment to extract oil from the herbs we grow.

Some of you may be asking, "Why didn't you get an electric one?" 

I purchased the manual one so that in the event of a doomsday scenario, I will still be able to extract oils from herbs because this model does not need electricity.  Also, the manual one looked more durable than the electric extractor did.

Did you ever wonder how people get the essential oils out of the herbs they grow? Now you will find out.Did you ever wonder how people get the essential oils out of the herbs they grow? Now you will find out.

We will be focusing on the following oils:  lavender, white sage, rosemary, lemongrass, eucalyptus, basil, citronella, peppermint, other mints and tea tree (as in Tea Tree Oil). We will need to grow these first. We have put in raised beds but we need warm weather.  We will start transplants in January (2021)

We have a spot where we will put up a raised bed and make a greenhouse out of it.

We will also be pressing the oil from orange, lemon and grapefruit which we can get immediately.  We planted these trees in our orchard but the cold weather, cut ants and the lack of water took a lot of them out. 

We have to plan our orchard a bit better than what we have so far.  This week we will start putting irrigation in it.  I thought we could hand water it and be okay but not so.  We will also plant all the trees susceptible to freezing weather together so we can put a high tunnel on them and cover them when the weather is cold.

This is our herb essential oil extractor. It sits in our commercial kitchen but has not been used yet.This is our herb essential oil extractor. It sits in our commercial kitchen but has not been used yet.

Our extractor is quite large and feels sturdy. Once we get some herbs growing, we should get a lot of use out of it. I understand that it takes a lot of leaves to get a small bottle of essential oils to sell, which is why essential oils cost so much.

We are excited about making our own essential oils from plants grown right here on the farm in Rossville, just outside of Poteet, Texas.

Herb Essential Oil Extractor List

Here is our list of herbs that we will be growing here on the farm to extract their essential oils: 





Lemon Grass




White Sage

Essential Oils have many healing properties from making you feel wide awake, happy, to relieving headaches and stuffy noses. Juanita uses essential oils in our home and has for years. She will have more information on using essential oils on her website, Mrs. David's Garden Seeds®.

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