History of Our Mini Farm


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This page talks about the history of our mini farm, all the stuff that happened in the background to arrive at the point we are today.

I had been hunting for land for some time, mostly along the highways, thinking that to accomplish what I wanted to do would require land along the highway somewhere. But it is expensive. I needed to stay somewhat close to San Antonio for the benefit of my team member.

We found a location that was about 1/4 mile off the highway, ten acres. But it had a mobile home, that was 33 years old, sitting on it. Even though we did not plan to use the mobile home to live in, we could not get financing.  Even though we had our house, worth about $180,000, and cash, they would not loan us the $189,000 we needed. I actually had better luck getting a loan when I had no money, then I did when I had some.

(Below is a picture of the four acres we have acquired.)

But that deal fell through. It was sort of a good thing though. It was a bit too far for our people to drive and it was no virgin land. There were a lot trees and trash on the land. It would have cost me several thousands of dollars just to get it cleaned up so we could use it.

So I kept looking. I found what I thought was a good spot.  It cost $500,000 and has a historical building on it that would have to be renovated. It would cost thousands for this. 

Also, we were looking for property outside of Bexar County so that we would not have to pay a hospital and a college tax. 

Several weeks later we were in the Poteet area, which is the strawberry capital of Texas.  We looked at a two acre plot but did not like it. Too many people around it. Not enough parking.

As we were heading back to San Antonio, we passed a lot of four acres that was for sale. A light seemed to shine around it like the one in "Christmas Vacation" when Clark finds the perfect Christmas tree.

And an added bonus: This lot used to be used as farm land with sandy soil.  There is only one tree on it, in the back left hand corner. Other than this tree, the land is void of trees to clean up. It is perfect.

So we contacted the Realtor, Cristian Olvera, and found out it was only $16,255 an acre and they had just lowered the price by $5,000.00. So a little over 28 days ago, we signed the land contract. 

Today we signed for the land! (7-29-2019).

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