I've had good success growing Catmint seeds using the Jiffy starter pellets

by kat-lady

I've had good success growing Catmint seeds from David's Garden Seeds using the Jiffy starter pellets. At the present time my catmint plants are indoors. I have cats so I'm careful about what plants I have in my home and in my yard; however, I read that catmint attracts butterflies so I plan to move the catmint plants outdoors after a while to become part of a butterfly garden in my backyard.

I'm a novice gardener so when the first group of planted seeds (in 12 Jiffy pellets) took longer than expected to germinate I figured the problem was a result of something I did. I thought perhaps I had covered the seeds with too much soil so I just sprinkled a bit of potting soil over the top of the next group of seeds I planted -- which germinated in about two to three days. Better results. I wish I had read the review by the person who did not cover the seeds with soil at all before I tried growing the seeds, but that's the way it goes. There are many seeds remaining in the seed packet I bought, but I'll wait and see what becomes of the seeds I've planted before I plant any more of them.

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Feb 19, 2020
Catmint Seeds
by: Juanita

Kat Lady,
Thank you for choosing David's Garden Seeds®. Catmint is pretty. It is not for cats. It is for butterflies so I am glad you mentioned putting them outside for the butterflies. They are a great attractant.

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