Lovely Scent, Pretty Plant

For some reason, the various catnip/catmint seeds I have had from different seed companies have different planting instructions. I have the best luck with germination if I do NOT cover the seeds with soil. They take rather long to germinate so don't give up. I separate the small plants into several pots, so I have at least 3 large terra cotta planters going at a time. My cats love both the dried leaves I pull off the stems, and the fresh leaf tips. If you nip off the tops of each stem when they start to flower, the stems will branch out more and not get all long and scraggley. They bush out more if you cut the tops off. My cats come running when they see me come in the house with this fresh catnip. It keeps growing for over a year if you don't let it go to seed. Be sure to let the soil dry out between waterings if you plant in pots. If I have 2-3 plants in one pot I will let one of them eventually flower, so I can enjoy the pretty pastel blue flowers.

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