Mammoth Is Right!

by Lane

"Mammoth" is an excellent description for these sunflowers. I planted them mid-june and by early August, these lovely things were a decent 13' tall. The shortest was 10' with a GIANT head. We did have a strange one come up with an odd mutation in the face, but otherwise I am MORE than satisfied with these guys.

I planted these sunflowers alongside my corn patch, on a warm-bed that I created using layers of mulch, old tree branches and compost. I covered the area between the rows with burlap to minimize weeding. They were planted in an area where they got a full 8 hours of sun with minimal wind.

These are definitely bee friendly! We had a variety of bees that were sleeping on these overnight, so I think they were well received. I fertilized once in the spring and watered maybe once or twice over the year (I'm a lazy gardener).

If you're looking for something easy and stunning, these are for you! Looking forward to purchasing them next year.

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