Pricky but Pretty!

It's 2018 and this plant keeps coming back. The original plant died but left its seeds around. Now I have a few borage plant growing in dirt and in odd places. Looks like a big bush. Plant practically grows itself. Very pretty and attracts a lot of pollinators.

I grew this plant in the early spring of 2015 in a medium size planter and it grew big and had lots of flowers with a vibrant blueish color and then it died. When the plant is young, the leaves have these little needles and as it gets older those needles get harder and its hard to move around, but its flower is very beautiful and it attracted a lot of bees, which is why i grew it. To my surprise one of the seeds got into my lawn and now i have a new one growing in the dirt. Since then i have moved it into a pot. It wasn't hard to grow from seeds and i still have many of the seeds i got from the package.

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