Red Leaf Vegetable Amaranth

by Sue
(South Dakota)

The seeds sprouted pretty quick. Instead of pulling the entire plants once ready...we kept pinching the stems of the plants and added fertilizer for new growth and we still get to eat the leaves very often. The only thing to remember to sow the seeds not too deep...rather kind of on spread on top of the soil...barely covers a bit with soil. Or else germination may not happen or at times delayed. Lovely greens to eat in salad or even cook (heat 1 tsp oil in a pan, added one crushed garlic, toss 2cups of the finely chopped leaves and young stems...cook for 5-10 minutes...add 2 tsp of grated coconut and salt at the very end as the leaves will shrink a lot when cooked.)

UPDATE: I bought the seeds in 2018 and have used the same seeds for 2 seasons and I still have some more left to sow. The seeds germinate fast and have great germination rate. The key is to barely cover them with soil when sowing and they come out beautiful as ever.

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Jul 03, 2019

by: Juanita

We are so glad you like our Red Leaf Vegetable Amaranth seeds and that they grew so well for you. We have many other greens you might like to try next time. We wish you all the best.

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