Saving Okra Seeds


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This page talks about saving okra seeds.  For the purpose of this page we have chosen Beck's Big Buck Okra.  We planted these in April and harvested the seeds in August of 2019, which is the hottest time period in Texas. 

Beck's Big Buck ready for eating

We planted about 50 plants and got about 1,000 seeds.  Not bad.  During this time I was not able to properly take care of them as we were packing up to move out to the Farm. 

Today (October 23, 2019) we are doing the germination test.  Hopefully in a few days we will know how we did.

The pods need to turn brown and start to crack open while on the stem.  Once they start to crack open then they are ready to harvest for seeds.  Once the pod is cut, it can be broken into a bowl and seeds picked out.

Now I don't believe in duplicating work so I did not film us opening the pods.  But there are plenty of YouTube videos that explain this.  One of the best ones I found is How To Save Okra Seeds. 

Jill does a very good job of explaining how to do it.  But I think if she left them on the vine to dry a bit more, until they cracked open, they would have been much more easier to open up.

Why is there shade cloth on my plants in the photo below?  This was so that I could get the seeds this time and not the birds like they did on my broccoli seeds.

Beck's Big Buck Okra ready for seed saving.

Not a lot to say here.  Okra is one of the easiest seeds to save.

Beck's Big Buck Okra Seeds

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