The Saga Continues

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The page is called our saga continues as we work to get moved out to the country mini-farm.  Things are moving ahead at last.

(1-22-2020--it has been months since I have updated this that it is kind of a mute point at this time)

On Friday the 9th of August, we arrived at the Country Farm to find that the base for the road and pad had been put down.  We can now dive in without having to worry about getting stuck.  The company did a great job with this.

We also met with the septic tank guy.  One to two weeks for a permit and then another two weeks to get a tank put it.  We will be keeping the port-a-jon for a while longer than we thought.

Our 2500 gallon water tank was delivered as well.  On Tuesday it will be filled.  The tank was about $1000.00 and delivery about $300.  To fill it will cost about $700.  Since we are not living out there, I am worried about someone "borrowing" the tank so I am going to get some spray paint and put our name on it.  Maybe it will help, maybe it will not.

I let my self get low on gas so we drove into the closest town, Devine, for gas.  While at the gas station I asked Jason if he knew of anyone who did water well drilling.  He told me there was a guy who came in but that he did not know his name or number.  I left my card with him thinking I would never hear.  About five hours latter, William called me.  We have an appointment this morning to see about drilling for water.  His price?  Around $6,000.00.  Far cheaper than the $20,000 we were quoted.

On Thursday we had gotten the electrical quote.  We were expecting to pay $20,000 but it came to only $2500.00.  So we headed over to Pleasanton.  We went to the Karnes office were Yolonda and Esperanza helped us put the paper work in.  We did not have the deed, so Yolonda called the County Clerk and got this all set for us.  We had to dive to Jourdanton to get a copy of it.  When we got there, they had a copy waiting for us.  We have not see this kind of efficiency in quite some time.  We did have to leave a $500 deposit because we are debt free (at least until we close on the house). 

So in about four weeks we should have water and septic.  In about 16 weeks we should have electric.  The water is costing about $2000 to have the meter put in and another $3000 to run the lines hook it up to the home.  The septic is about $5,000.00.  The electric to hook it all up is about $5000.  To put the road and trailer pad in was $10,000.00.

Our little shack was $4,000 and we bought another one yesterday for $3,000.  I also paid $3000 for a generator that we will need until the electric is hooked up.  We have spent about $2,000 on miscellaneous things.  I will need to go and get the fencing material.

Yesterday, coming home, we did notice that our home had been pulled off the line and was wrapped for delivery which should happen on Monday.

8-14-2019-- The home is not going to be delivered until Friday, the day we close.  So tiny, tiny home here we come--if it gets delivered.  Anyway we moved all of our outside stuff to the farm yesterday.  Most of it is just laying on the ground--hopefully Saturday we will also get the shed to put all of this in.

Water was also delivered yesterday.  Then the driver was backing up and got off into the sand and got stuck.  We tried with two vehicles to pull him out but were not able to.  He had to call a wrecker to help get him out.

We started on the fence as well.  Put in a couple of post and then it was all we could take because of the heat.

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