They apparently are picky about what temps they sprout in.

by Colton

I spread these seeds around the soil of a Black Bethlehem fig tree I have in a large pot. They never grew. It was very hot when I planted them. A storm blew the pot over and spilled a lot of soil from the pot. My daughter cleaned the soil up, but spread it in the pots of my citrus plants. The seeds sprouted toward the end of summer. See how the Universe works! Originally I started yanking them out thinking they were clovers growing in my pots again (which I don’t mind except they shoot seeds all over the place). Once I took a closer look I realized they were from the seeds I planted months earlier. I now have 3 pots growing water cress in the kitchen! I assume early spring or later summer/fall are best times to sow... When you think about it, a natural creek or stream would have a lot of trees for shade and water to keep things cool for them to grow.

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