Very Good Grafting Clips For Tomatoes

by Harry Stuhldreher

Although these clips are primarily designed for side-grafting, you can use them for top-grafting as well. You just need to be a little careful and graft closer to the soil where the rootstock is a bit thicker and you have a lower center of gravity, thus preventing the vine from falling over due to the weight of the clip. The clear plastic makes it really convenient to see the graft line and ensure that the scion is making good contact with the rootstock. The clip also has two clamping areas sized for different thickness stems.

Overall, a very good product. If you're careful and handle the clips with care, you can reuse them year-after-year. The price from David's Garden is a little high. He's selling them for ~$0.67/clip whereas I've seen other retailers sell them for as low as $0.22/clip, though you do have to buy a larger quantity. That said, a big shout-out to David. My shipment arrived with one packet of tomato seeds and one packet of rootstock seeds. If you've looked into grafting, you know well that rootstock seed is pretty expensive, so overall I think I got a pretty good deal from David and will definitely consider buying supplies/seeds from him in the future.

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