Wonderful Outcome With These Purple Top Rutabagas

by Luna

I bought these seeds from David's this year and sowed them on June 30. They began to sprout on Independence Day (only four days later!) and well over 90% had sprouted within a week to ten days.
Never in my life had I eaten a rutabaga until I discovered and learned to make Cornish pasties this past spring. I tried rutabagas from a few local supermarkets. Some were better than others, but none blew me away. The taste reminded me more of cabbage than turnip -- not what I had hoped for. Then there's the adventure in cutting them... they were HARD. VERY hard.
I pulled my very first homegrown American Purple Top from the ground on the 100th day after sowing the seed. It was firm, but not hard to cut. The flavor was sublime! This, BEFORE our first frost, which is said to improve them. I can hardly wait to see what a few more weeks of cool weather and some light frosts do for them!

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