Zinnia California Giants

by Britanni

I have purchased these seeds on three different occasions and each time have had gorgeous flowers! They're HUGE. Germination is dang near perfect. I sprinkled these generously around the outside edge of my veggie garden thinking I'd get maybe 75% germination? Y'all, I had to go through and thin these bad boys because I swear they ALL grew. Unfortunately, mine we attacked by the leaf miner then aphids got a hold of them. I had to pull them all out...yes I was very upset because they were so stinking pretty! BUT...I harvested the seeds (and ordered more just to be safe) and am ready for next year. Absolutely recommend. A few tips...don't bury them under a mound of dirt. I simply used a hand rake to disturb the ground in which I planned to plant them, sprinkled them in, then went back with the hand rake and "tilled" them all in. It was just a very light covering of soil. I had HUGE gorgeous plants and a TON of them. Happy shopping!

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